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Quantum Art is the first platform focused on curating and dropping NFT collections and making NFTs easily accessible for both artists and collectors.


Quantum Curated works with world-renowned artists, and is focused on curating and minting only the best NFT collections.


Quantum Community is focused on community-led curation of NFT collections, dropping collections chosen by the Quantum collectors community.

How Quantum Community works?

step 01

Artist submits collections

step 02

Quantum Curation nominates 3 collections

step 03

Quantum Collectors vote to choose 1 collection

final step

The winning collection is dropped on

Our Journey

the platform

Quantum has become the most respected NFT photography platform and community in Web 3 in just a few short months, planting the seeds for the photography boom in 2022, with Quantum at the forefront. Now, Quantum is expanding with new drops far beyond the photography base, immersing real-life and metaverse experiences.

How quantum works?

Quantum works with world-renowned artists, dropping weekly collections and exposing the NFT collector community to curated art.

the diversity

From portraits and landscape to fine art, the Quantum curation team finds it extremely important to showcase artists with diverse backgrounds or work that shares the story of diversity. Moreover, we are interested in artwork focusing on originality, purpose, execution, and cultural significance.

tapping into crypto realm

Quantum is enabling new artists to tap into the crypto realm and enjoy the financial freedom that can allow them to create more artwork and give back to the world.

Take Your Best Shot

Take Your Best Shot

If you have an awe-inspiring collection of photos and would like to get the chance to feature on our site, then please get in touch with us!


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Digital Culture, Curated. Quantum is an NFT platform for artists and collectors to share their work with the world.


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