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Malmo, Sweden

Building on a background in performance, choreography, and dance, Swedish-British artist AdeY studies subjects such as human balance, strength and physics. Photographing subjects undressed, AdeY’s non-sexualized representation challenges our perceptions of the body, highlighting our vulnerabilities, loneliness, and strengths that are central to the human condition. AdeY has exhibited widely in Europe, including at The Finnish Museum of Photography, Fotogalleri Vasli Souza (Sweden & Norway), and Unseen (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). His new book, UNCENSORED, was published to coincide with his debut American exhibition at Galerie XII  in Los Angeles (2021-2022). The exhibition and second edition of the book was launched in London in May 2022 with The Little Black Gallery to coincide with Photo London, followed by shows in Paris and Oslo in the autumn.

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