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Billy Henry

Los Angeles, California

Billy Henry is a film photographer and Super 8 filmmaker based in Los Angeles. His work is an intuitive exploration within the worlds of natural and timeless beauty. Women, Motherhood, Nature, and supernatural frequencies are explored in depth and interconnected throughout the work. Discovery and connectivity are foundational principles in Henry's visual storytelling, which he considers a continuum. Film photography and filmmaking are spiritual for Henry.  It's his visual language in pursuit of self-actualization, individuation, and the connections he shares with the Women he honors. Henry was raised by a strong, independent mother, whom he witnessed rise above life's fire and ashes and continuously reinvent and evolve, while nurturing her children to seek their own authentic paths and creative voices. Of his mother and mother nature, Henry says, "She's my biggest inspiration, and is symbolic of strength, grace, and prosperity.  Women are the most powerful, intuitive, mysterious and beautiful beings that will ever exist.  They are infinite goddesses, they are the victorious stars of my visual language, they rule my world. I believe Mother Nature is a gateway into the journey of self-realization and spiritual evolution.  All the rhythms and lessons of life and the universe are present, every moment, every day, within the theater of Mother Nature." Billy Henry's work has been featured by various international publications, including Vogue, Off the Rails, Cake Mag, and C-Heads Magazine.

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