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Linda Dounia

Dakar, Senegal

Linda Dounia is a Senegalese artist, designer, and curator based in Dakar. She explores the social construction of power and the cultural implications of how it is distributed. Her practice is often a conversation between physical and digital mediums, by way of artificial intelligence and also utilising analog image-making tools. Her work has been exhibited at Art Basel Miami, Artsy NFT, Art X Lagos, Digital Art Fair Asia, Art Dubai, and the Museum of Newfangled Art. As a curator, she is passionate about decolonizing art and design, and creating spaces where marginalised creators have agency in their practice. She founded CyberBaat, an on-chain collective of artists of African descent in web3 growing their creative careers on the blockchain in ways that serve them and their communities. She is also a guest curator at SuperRare Labs, and has curated shows with Refraction DAO and the VERSEverse.

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