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Nathaniel Stern

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Nathaniel Stern is an artist & writer, NEA, Fulbright & NSF grantee & professor, interventionist & public citizen. Since 1994, he has produced and collaborated on projects ranging from ecological, participatory, and online interventions, interactive, immersive, and mixed reality environments, to clothes, prints, sculptures, videos, performances, and hybrid forms. Stern makes art that amplifies how we relate to things, ourselves, and each other. He presents what these relationships do, and mean for us, and are. Simple, awkward, funny, beautiful, generous, mean, and more. And not just human relationships. Stern asserts, "While I, myself, am fairly simple (ba-dum-cha), I've had an awkward backpack, funny phone, beautiful bow tie, generous shower, mean cup of coffee. And each impacts me, and those around me." His genesis project with Quantum, The World After Us, questions how we move, think, feel, and act with the Earth and its inhabitants, both living and otherwise. It asks us to rethink our everyday interactions on a much larger scale, to change how we move - digitally and otherwise - as humans in the natural world on the one hand, between politics and commerce on the other.

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