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Skye Nicolas

New York, New York and Seattle, Washington

Skye Nicolas facilitates the distillation of intimate conversation and hidden dialogue wherein nostalgia plays a vital role in defining a recognizable visual language and signature style. The complex interweaving of key components in his work reveal a sophisticated creative process highlighting concept and composition as core fundamentals. By combining familiarity, the skewing of timelines, and reassigning pop culture references, Nicolas explores a recurring theme he refers to as Induced Nostalgia: a cerebral experience that operates on inhabiting memories that never existed. He has shown in New York City, London, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Calgary, and at the Dallas Contemporary art museum. As co-founder of the art collective Organic Material, Nicolas has created work for the collective’s collaborative project, Event Horizon, which debuted during the first Art NFT Linz, at the Francisco Carolinum Linz Museum, UNESCO City of Media Arts Linz, Austria. The work has since been added to the museum’s permanent collection.

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