Afternoon Dolls

Yulia Shur

Yulia Shur

The dolls are here. They observe without affirming good or bad, offering themselves as objects for attachment of all kinds of fantasies. Your invitation to the afternoon doll play has arrived.


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Dutch Auction

June 23rd 2022 | 15:00



The Artist

Yulia Shur is a Belarusian-born visual artist based in Los Angeles whose art takes you through the rabbit hole into the world of the artist's lucid dreams. The only thing she really wants from you looking at her works is to feel something.

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The Story

In their essence, dolls are simultaneously fascinating and controversial. Dolls are known to influence the construction of identities and exploration of various narratives, and are associated with racist and misogynistic stereotypes. In his 1913 essay Dolls, poet Rainer Maria Rilke posits: “We found our orientation through the doll. We could gradually flow down into her and collect ourselves and recognize, although somewhat dimly, our new surrounding world”. We definitely do, and this continues throughout our life: dolls are interwoven into the fabric of our fantasy worlds. And in these worlds, why would dolls be limited to our projections and expectations of them and not be capable of even more than us, humans?

Open your eyes, close your mouth.

You are observing their flesh – soft vinyl or plastic - it is fantastic. You are surrounded by a full spectrum of dolls representing different races, ages, cultures, moods, fantasies. Departing from the expectations, they bend feminist epistemologies and erase the memories of your childhood. Or do they invite you to re-visit them and explore different notions?

Your invitation to the afternoon doll play has arrived.

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