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Parker Day

Parker Day

Parker Day's ICONS invites us to approach identity with a sense of play and malleability, and to recognize the forgotten parts of ourselves as we see them reflected in these color-saturated portraits.


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March 14th 2022 | 15:00



The Artist

Parker Day is a Los Angeles-based photographer whose work deals with identity, the formation of our personas, and what lies beneath them.

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The Story

ICONS deals with self creation. We are all costumed characters whether we realize it or not. Beyond the genetic hands we’re dealt, we forge our personas through occupation, clothing and hairstyle choices, our possessions, and how we communicate through body language and expressions. Too often, people believe that they are locked into social roles and play their parts such as that of a doting mother, a respected priest, a right-wing conservative, or an anti-establishment iconoclast. In casting themselves as singular identities, they forget the fullness of who they are. ICONS invites you to approach identity with a sense of play and malleability, and to recognize the forgotten parts of yourself as you see them reflected in these portraits.

It’s important to me to blur the lines between a “real” and a fictitious person. For some portraits, I collaborated with my models to craft a character with them on the spot. For others, I premeditated who they’d become for the camera. And for still others, I photographed the model as they came to the studio. I see personas as real for how they convey our feelings and who we believe ourselves to be. But, that’s not our whole truth. I believe we are all a part of something much greater and that there’s an underlying oneness, regardless of our outward expressions. But while we’re here interacting with each other on the level of ego identities, we might as well have fun with it.

I encourage you to play and to explore your many facets with a fearless sense of adventure. And, I hope that you engage everyone you encounter with a sense of wonder. There is infinitely more than meets the eye.

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