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Imagining Oceans, 2040

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Claudia Pawlak

Claudia Pawlak

Claudia Pawlak

Imagining Oceans, 2040

“Imagining Oceans, 2040” utilizes the cyanotype printmaking process and machine learning to investigate the potential future of humanity’s relationship with the natural world, and the impact of human consumption on the environment. In 2020, an article was published by the National Geographic predicting that plastic in our waters will triple by 2040 if action is not taken. With this information in mind, I prompted an AI to generate images of objects found on the beach in the year 2040. What resulted was a variety of imagery illustrating the coexistence of natural elements, such as seashells and animal life, with discarded human materials and plastics mixed in. By printing these images as cyanotypes, they serve as documents of a potential reality, grounded in the authenticity of the cyanotype process. Through this project, I hope to stimulate discourse and reflection on the choices we make in the present and how they will influence our natural environment in the future. As we move forward, I believe it is crucial that we consider the consequences of our actions and strive to create a more sustainable and responsible way of living. I hope this body of work serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and protecting the natural world for future generations.



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