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The Artist

Adesola Yusuf (Arclight) is a 25 year old multimedia artist inspired by Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo art movements, as much as from Pop and Internet Art. He creates collages that blur the line between digital illustration and photography.

The Story

In Arclight’s newest body of work, LIMINAL SPACE, manipulated self-portraits and photographs of his brother take center stage in a series of digital paintings depicting the two young men involved in mundane activities: sipping coffee while listening to a good track, hanging out by a pool, calling a friend… The surreal treatment of these banal scenes inject a palpable feeling of nostalgia.

Arrows and smileys symbolize a rollercoaster of emotions and disillusionment, while flowers convey his desire to bloom. Tigers embody his sense of being out of place, since the animals are not native to the African continent.

Arclight made those 20 unique pieces in an agitated period where time seems suspended until the upcoming elections: the artworks from LIMINAL SPACE invite the viewers to reminisce about brighter days.

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