Patterns of Life

Francien Krieg

Francien Krieg

Dutch painter Francien Krieg explores birth, growth, maturity, and wisdom as they leave their marks on the human body in the series Patterns of Life

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August 2nd 2022 | 15:00

The Artist

Francien Krieg lives in the countryside in the middle of the Netherlands with her two children and husband, working full-time in her studio.

The Story

Patterns of Life presents work by Dutch contemporary painter Francien Krieg. Drawing from multiple series, the pieces convey the artist's frank and abiding interest in the human body. Birth and growth are captured as magical if fleeting experiences, eventually giving way to maturity, wisdom, and one's reckoning with mortality. Our bodies are records of all that we've done. Krieg commemorates each scar and wrinkle a righteous reminder of what it means to live.

Oil on linen 
80 x 100 cm

Oil on linen 80 x 100 cm 2017

Oil on linen
120 x 100 cm

Oil on linen 120 x 100 cm 2011

100 x 80 cm

100 x 80 cm 2019

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