Loren Bednar

Loren Bednar

Sift is kinetic generative art. It is created with artist coded mathematical algorithms, interacting with random seed numbers.


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Dutch Auction

July 12th 2022 | 15:00

The Artist

Loren Bednar has been producing generative artwork since 2006, recently exploring colorful patterns in motion.  His work has been shown at Refraction Festival in New York and Bright Moments in Berlin, amongst other. He is an Art Blocks Curated Artist.

The Story

A code-generated kinetic work, Sift creates an illusion of a shifting pattern. Each pixel is treated like a small entity of color, movement and feeling, softly blending into another one.

Gradations ,lines. and radiating waves are not drawn, but emerge by virtue of a “color by number by time” method; each pixel is assigned a color modulus which oscillates at the same rate at a repeatable mathematical pattern. Color switching at a pixel level creates all the motion in Sift. A high-energy sine wave causes the gritty texture of the fragments.

Meticulously hand-tuned by the artist, the coloring math has been adjusted for each piece to produce the desired contrast and depth. Subdivisions of brightness and saturation were chosen for a softer feel, inviting the viewer to sift through and notice small emergent elements.

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