Quantum Unlocked

Quantum Unlocked enables Quantum Keyholders to unlock and access exclusive drops and IRL mints.

Keyholders Exclusive Drops

Keyholders Exclusive Drops


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Kristopher Shinn

Seattle only has 152 sunny days per year on average. When the sun comes out, so do all the Seattle residents desperately seeking some natural vitamin D.

Ellen von Unwerth’s thirty-year storied career defined the aesthetic of the 90’s and 2000’s and has made her a staple of fashion photography. Crafting cinematic scenarios for her shoots, Von Unwerth’s flashy, kinky, and humorous photographs invite viewers to come along on a boisterous escapade. By furnishing each of her subjects with a new persona to inhabit, she allows their inhibitions to melt away. The story telling aspect in her creative process has allowed her to create images that are never static and begs the question, “what is really going on here?” The inherent sexuality in her images is never without fun, and the subjects within her works are always powerful - positioned in control of their sex appeal.

Raising consciousness and conversation around the intersection between human experience and nature Rob Woodcox' Bodies of Light seeks to celebrate that which brings us all closer to each other and acknowledge the many voices that make up society. Through carefully produced images that combine a number of collaborators, his work highlights the beauty of bodies, diverse as they are, creating choreographed synergies that celebrate the human experience and all its possibilities within our complex environments.

For each day of the year from September 22nd, 2012 - September 21st, 2013, I photographed people celebrating their birthday with a Polaroid camera. The dated Polaroids represent everyone who shares that day of birth. This project recognizes equality of all living beings through the depiction of a primal phenomenon, which is mortality.

Khuwab ki Tabeer ‘Interpretation of a Dream’ is Maliha Abidi’s latest series. This fifth part (exclusively for Quantum Keyholders) of the series advances the narrative as the protagonist reflects and comes face to face with her inner fearlessness. The full collection of 5 NFTs illustrates the story of a South Asian girl and all the things she dreams about because to her, there is no limit, restrictions, or barriers that stand in her way of achieving any of it. Each of the unique pieces celebrate Maliha’s Pakistani-American artistic heritage through use of distinct elements native to Pakistan’s culture. The series reminds us of our younger selves, reminding us that in dreams, we can imagine what we want to be, and how to facing challenges emboldens us.

With Doppelgänger, Quantum and Justin Aversano unveil a collection of 1000 unseen outtakes from the healing journey of Twin Flames restructured through code. This collection is a set of 1000 unique animations created in collaboration with Kim Asendorf, known for his Pixel Sorting script. Processed through code, unique variations of the original twins portraits by Justin Aversano become their own glitched alter ego before our eyes. To view the full resolution artwork, just go to the following link and replace {TOKEN_ID} with the number of your piece. `https://quantum.mypinata.cloud/ipfs/QmaYZdNv7WbxmGdkYE1Pdr4cM9mKBbYJoiNCDQXpzcH7ya/?token={TOKEN_ID}`

Quantum Gems

Various Artists

Quantum Unlocked is a series of drops that are exclusive to Quantum Key-holders. The fist drop was 'Quantum Gems' - Each of the 12 Gems transformed into a new work of art; 11 created by Quantum Curated Season 1 photography artists - plus a mystery artist.

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